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Elodie's Lesley 2.0 Anti-Skid Push Up Bra|小胸必备の 防滑无肩带 @ 聚拢神器

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Lesley 2.0 小胸必备的防滑无肩带聚拢神器(Lesley 2.0 Anti-skid Push Up Lingerie)




手掌杯聚拢 透气柔软

不仅超聚拢 还是无肩带BRA!解放肩膀~

穿出饱满胸型,和肩带say byebye!

** Cup: 3/4 Cup (3/4罩杯)

  **Thickness 厚度: 2.5 - 3.0cm

**Strap 肩带: Detachable @ Adjustable 可拆卸 @ 可调节肩带

** Side Wing 侧比: 10.0 cm

**Panty 内裤: Free Size 均码

#AB通杯 - C杯 建议拿大一码哟 比如👉 34/75c 建议拿36/80码

#AB Shared Cup - C Cup suggest to choose a bigger size 👉 34/75C choose 36/80AB

如果不确定内衣尺码可以联系客服询问 或者测量上下胸围哦❤️
点击询问 👉 询问尺码 If you not sure you size👉Contact us

**现货~ 付款后1-3个工作日内寄出
**Ready Stock~ ship out within 1-3 working days


**If Remark (pre)means Ship out within 1-3 weeks

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