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Our Sorry 我们的故事

Our Sorry 我们的故事


Elodie 伊洛蒂(曾名VOON lingerie)创立于2017年。靠着一步一脚印打下来属于自己的顾客群体。2018年正式在商业局ssm注册。 2020 年决心打造属于自己品牌。故,正式更名为Elodie. 

我们的品牌时尚,简约,却又不失少女风格。不走高奢,但走亲民少女路线。让不论什么年龄层的女性顾客们都能找到那一颗可能隐藏很久的少女心❤️ 魅力不止于成熟性感,小清新也可以穿出自己的魅力,穿出不一样的性感!

ELODIE这个漂亮的名字在法语有着富有和少女的意思。这个名字也带着我们的希望 - 让ELODIE一天天慢慢壮大。我们的风格上就是要保留每个女孩心中的那颗少女可爱的心。

在2021年6月正式成立Elodie旗下的首饰品牌!伊洛蒂首饰主打不易过敏 亲肤首饰。致力于打造一个时尚精致的首饰品牌。为女性塑造优雅,与众不同的风格气质。风格订阅与自信,简约,复古,大气,个性的女性形象。



Elodie (VOON Lingerie) founded in 2017. We always trying our best to build our business. In 2018, we success registered our business under SSM. In 2020, we have determined to create our own brand. Hence, we have changed our name became - ELODIE.

In 2021 June, Elodie has launched the jewellery brand. 

Elodie Jewellery is committed to creating a fashionable and exquisite jewelry brand. Create an elegant and distinctive style for women. The style is positioned at a confident, simple, retro, atmospheric, and individual female image. Jewelry is a must-have item for every woman. This is a way to make you different from others. A good piece of jewelry can make people stand out from the crowd. Clothes adorn people, and accessories adorn clothes. Take your fashion taste to the next level. Let Elodie jewellery embellish the bits and pieces of your life with heart.


ELODIE 帮您回女性的魅力与自信。一件适合自己的单品,让您尽情展现迷人风采,并散发个人魅力.步。

ELODIE  make every women regain their self-confidence and charm. A good accessories able to reveal your fascination.  

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