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Lareina Lace Push Up Collection👙 Lareina 水溶蕾丝收副乳防下垂无钢圈文胸

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Peach Illustration Minimalism Fashion Collection Youtube Outro-2.png

“本命年红内衣” 陪你做幸运girls

红色内衣 帮你增加幸运气场 帮你转运!!!

调整型立体模杯~ 上薄下厚聚拢不空杯 防下垂 小胸聚拢 防外扩 透气里杯

** Cup: 3/4 Cup (3/4罩杯)

  **Thickness 厚度: 1.0 - 1.5cm

**Strap 肩带: non - Detachable 固定肩带

** Side Wing 侧比: 9.5 - 10.0 cm

**Panty 内裤: Free Size 均码


#Measure Upper and Lowe Breast Measurement More Accurate

#C 杯 建议拿大一码哟 比如👉 34/75c 建议拿36/80码

#C Cup suggest to choose a bigger size 👉 34/75C choose 36/80AB

D 杯需给上下胸围确认尺寸哟❤

如果不确定内衣尺码可以联系客服询问 或者测量上下胸围哦❤️
点击询问 👉 询问尺码

If you not sure you size👉Contact us

测量方法  How To Measure👉


**现货~ 付款后1-3个工作日内寄出
**Ready Stock~ ship out within 1-3 working days


**If Remark (pre)means Ship out within 1-3 weeks


**由于灯光问题会产生些许色差 请以实物为准

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