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Stella系列 裤装仿真丝睡衣 Stella Nightwear Sets (上衣👕➕裤子👖)

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仿真丝面料超舒服超柔软derr~~ 冰冰凉凉超适合马来西亚这种热热的天气!
#6个颜色任选! 每一个颜色都敲美腻的😍

Stella 仿真丝裤装睡衣👗

颜色:蓝色 粉色 黑色 酒红 银灰 绿色
M: 臀围 - 98cm 腿围 - 54cm
建议身高152-158cm 建议体重37-47公斤
L: 臀围 - 100cm 腿围 - 56cm
建议身高158-164cm 建议体重47-59公斤
XL: 臀围 - 102cm 腿围 - 58cm
建议身高164-170cm 建议体重59-67公斤
2XL: 臀围 - 104cm 腿围 - 60cm
建议身高168-174cm 建议体重67-72公斤
3XL: 臀围 - 112cm 腿围 - 64cm
建议身高170-175cm 建议体重70-80公斤
4XL: 臀围 - 120cm 腿围 - 68cm
建议身高172-177cm 建议体重77-87.5公斤
5XL: 臀围 - 124cm 腿围 - 72cm
建议身高173-179cm 建议体重85-95公斤

1. 因测量方式不同,实际尺寸可能存在1-3cm的误差,以收到实物为准哦❤️
2. 建议身高/体重仅供参考 请根据对自身的了解选择尺寸❤️
3. 2XL 以上均为预购 没有现货

有备注pre预购的选项为 汇款后2-3个星期发货哦❤️

没有备注的均为现货 - 汇款后3个工作日内发货❤️

Colour:blue, pink, black, red, grey, green
M: Hip - 98cm Thigh - 54cm
Height Suggestion152-158cm Weight Suggestion 37-47Kg
L: Hip - 102cm Thigh - 56cm
Height suggestion 158-164cm Weight suggestion47-59kg
XL: Hip - 100cm Thigh - 58cm
height suggestion 64-170cm weight suggestion 59-67kg
2XL: hip - 104cm thigh - 60cm
heigh suggestion168-174cm weight suggestion 67-72kg
3XL: hip - 112cm thight - 64cm
height suggestion 170-175cm weight suggestion 70-80kg
4XL: hip  - 120cm thight - 68cm
height suggestion 172-177cm weight suggestion 77-87.5kg
5XL: Hip - 124cm Thight - 72cm
height suggestion 173-179cm Weight suggestion 85-95kg

1. Due to diefferent measurement method,  1-3 cm error is considering normal ya❤️
2. Weight and Height suggestion just a reference ya ❤️
3. 2XL n 2XL above all is pre order❤

READY STOCK ship out within 3 working days❤️

Remarks: "Pre" that's mean the product need to be pre-order. Normally will ship out within 2-3 weeks. 





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